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Nan: So I devised a plan, a way to extract me from his heart and his head. To forget me once and for all. An exorcism of sorts. 

Cole: Did it work? 

Nan: It did. 

Cole: How do you know that? 

Nan: Because the last task, the final instruction, if he finally knew he was no longer in love with me, was to send my letters back. All of them. And here they are. 

Cole: I'm sorry, Nan. 

Nan: Don't be, sweetheart. We wanted different things. I have no regrets. Don't worry. Neither did he. 

Cole: How did the exorcism work? 

Nan: I sent your father five final letters, one at a time. Each one with a task. Every time he completed a task, I sent him another. Read this. 

Cole: "Find my scent in nature. " 

Nan: Delphine will help you. 

Cole: "Task two. Write down everything you love about me, and then wrap the words around my scent. " 

I love that she always calls me on my shit. I love how smart she is. I love how she deals with grief head-on. When our boy died I couldn't admit my own grief, so I made her carry the burden for the both of us. I made her feel like she was the weak one. I made her feel like she was going crazy so I wouldn't lose my own mind. 

"Number three. Build a pyre. Imbue each stone with something you hate about me. Add the smell and the things you love. And then set it all ablaze."

I hate how unforgiving you are. I hate that you never told me how unhappy you were. I hate that you ran off with Noah fucking Solloway. And I hate what shitty taste you have in men. That you are always picking guys who don't deserve you. I hate that you gave up on me. I hate that I can't give up on you. 

Delphine: What do you want? Before you do this, you need to state your intention. 

Cole: I want to be free of you.  

Cole: Didn't work. I feel worse. 

Nan: I'm sorry. It worked on your dad. 

Cole: I have to go home.

Nan: Back to your wife? Do you want to see the final letter?

Cole: Sure. 

"Now you've finished all four tasks, and so the exorcism is complete. If it worked and you no longer love me, send me these letters back so I know. I remain yours Mind, body and soul. Nan. " 

Cole: [SIGHS] Nan, my dad didn't send these letters to you. 

Nan: What do you mean? 

Cole: It's postmarked two years after he died.

Nan: I don't understand. 

Cole: I think my mom found those letters. And then read them, and then sent them to you, hoping you'd think they'd come from him. 

Nan: All this time, I I thought he didn't love me anymore. How did he die? 

Cole: He hung himself on my tenth birthday. Couple weeks after you sent that last one.

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